Welcome to the Soft Intelligent Materials Laboratory!

Welcome to the research group website of Professor Ruike Zhao at The Ohio State University. Our research focus is on the fundamental understanding and development of soft intelligent material systems employing stimuli-responsive materials. By utilizing analytical, numerical, and experimental tools, we study the functional responses of the intelligent materials that are subject to external stimuli such as stress, temperature, light, chemical, electric, or magnetic fields. Applications include soft actuators, soft robotics, flexible electronics, morphing structures, biomedical engineering, and sustainable energy.


The Zhao group has specialized expertise in finite element analysis, mechanics-guided material and structural design, and advanced manufacturing of functional soft composites. The objective of the research is to provide guidance to develop advanced materials and structures, aiming for the design of innovative functional devices and systems.

Magnetic Shape Memory Polymers with Integrated Multifunctional Shape Manipulations

Magnetic responsive soft robots-SIM LAB from OSU

2018 Nature MIT Spiderlike Grabber

Machine learning-guided magnetic soft robot design

Active magnetic metamaterials-SIMLAB from OSU

kirigami enhances adhesion